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The VideoMize marketplace includes a hosted platform, an optimized programmatic network and syndicated content solutions.


A leading provider of online advertising solutions for publishers, advertisers and content creators

VideoMize, founded in 2013, is a programmatic video network that specializes in :30 sec pre roll for desktop and mobile. Publishers work with VideoMize to optimize and sell existing pre roll inventory. Publishers can also utilize our full service video solutions that includes a video player, content management, hosting, and our advertising marketplace.

Brands and agencies can access top-tier premium inventory outside of the exchanges or heavily discounted middle tier inventory found within the exchanges from our network. We can offer both programmatic buys or fully manged service buys (RFP).

In addition, we work with top content creators and bloggers who are looking for an additional stream of income outside of common video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. The content uploaded to our hosting platform allows publishers and advertisers the ability to access on a rev share basis for advertising and syndication purposes.

Overall, our team is strongly focused on building long term relationships, excellent customer service, full transparency including brand safety, and yielding the best results for all partners.



We work with top video publishers that offer premium inventory.

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Agencies, Brands, RTB, Ad Exchanges, Ad Networks

We invite all advertising partners including direct advertisers, agencies, ad exchanges, ad networks, and RTB's that are looking for pre roll video on the web along with mobile & tablet video inventory.

Top Publishers

We work with top video publishers that offer premium inventory yielding high conversions. You can choose to run across our network of publishers or can target by site specific.

Publisher Solutions


We help publishers all over the world maximize earnings on Desktop and Mobile devices

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Upload, Share and Earn

Easily upload and host your videos with us at no cost to you. Our product functionality makes it simple for you to get started and to begin earning new revenue through our optimized, programmatic network.

Engage Your Users and Earn

Already have lots of video content? Let us host your videos for free and help connect you to quality advertisers seeking programmatic and direct buys, as well as brand integrations.

Don't have video player?

Are you a web site owner or publisher with 50,000 monthly users or more? Looking for full service video solution to fully engage your users? Want to yield high cpm's and tired of low banner cpms? Engage your users and sign up today.

Don’t have any video content?

Search through thousands of videos on our syndication platform by key word or category to find engaging content for your users. We’ll work with you to integrate the content into your website and help you earn additional advertising income.

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Great Videomize Outstream Units

Leveraging outstream placements within the heart of premium editorial content, you can choose from a range of creative formats to match your campaign objectives.


Our new In-Content Ad Unit places compelling video advertising content outside of the traditional video stream, enabling publishers to cater to unmet demand for more video


Generate more ad revenue with VSlide!

The VRead Player instantly transforms your editorial page into a premium source of video inventory by dynamically displaying the player when your written content comes into view. Take your revenue to the next level by integrating our VRead Player and start earning higher premium video rates. Our native In Read integration allows you to serve excellent non-intrusive ads without harming your user experience.



Embed video content natively in-articles.

The VSlide Player docks to the users browser for high impact video advertising. 100% Viewable advertising experience allows you to monetize premium video rates. VSlide is perfect for those who are looking to incorporate high-demand video advertising without their own video content.


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